What is hemp?

Hemp is a type of hemp. Ramie and linen are common.

types of hemp

Ramie (ramie), linen (flax), hemp (cannabis)

There is a strong image that cannabis is an illegal drug, but hemp is cultivated and processed for industrial purposes with almost no psychoactive effects.

Hemp Less than 0.3% THC, a psychoactive compound

Marijuana THC content is 20% or more

Therefore, hemp is perfectly legal and practical.

In recent years, CBD oil extracted from hemp, which has a highly relaxing effect, has been sold. It also has very little THC content.

Traditional Japanese hemp

Hemp has been used since the Jomon period. It is still used as a shimenawa at shrines,

At Ise Jingu, "Jingu Cannabis" is sold as an incarnation of Amaterasu Omikami.

Characteristics of hemp as a plant

◇Grows with much less water than cotton

◇It grows quickly and grows to 3-4 meters in about 3 months.

◇It does not require chemical fertilizers and can grow even in rough soil.

Characteristics of hemp fiber

◇Breathability and thermal conductivity A mysterious material that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter

◇ Moisture absorption and wicking Maintains moderate humidity and does not get stuffy

◇ Deodorant and antibacterial effect to suppress the growth of bacteria


Utilization as anmin material

Suitable for temperature and humidity, it can be used safely in terms of hygiene.

Hemp is now attracting attention as a bedding material.

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