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Free gift! Trial hemp cloth (A4)

Free gift! Trial hemp cloth (A4)

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Natural material "100% hemp karami weave" Please check the mosquito net fabric at hand

One sample product per person

If you would like more than two, please order this SS size (A4).

The product is free, but please pay only 200 yen for shipping.

*This campaign is only available in Japan

This offer is only available in Japan

Hemp, a healing natural material that is close to nature

Hemp is a family of hemp like linen and ramie.

"Hemp" with particularly excellent characteristics among hemp

◇ High thermal conductivity "cool in summer and warm in winter"

◇ Excellent moisture absorption and wicking properties , not stuffy with moderate humidity

◇ Softer than ramie and linen and blends into the skin

Hygienic and safe due to its antibacterial and deodorant action

Taking advantage of its characteristics, the mosquito net made of karami weave fabric is

It is very popular with customers when they sleep soundly and are healed.

Became a best-selling product

100% hemp karami weaving process

In contrast to "plain weave" in which the warp and weft are alternately layered

"Karami weaving" is a weaving method in which the warp thread is entwined while the weft thread is passed through.

It is a traditional weaving method that mimics the weaving method of fishing nets, and features beautiful mesh.

Because it is a complicated weave, it takes about three times as much time and effort as plain weaving.

As a result, the "hemp karami weave" fabric has a unique sense of sheerness and is finished with a fabric that does not lose its eyes even after washing.

I want many people to experience the wonderful feeling of "100% hemp" and its possibilities.

We will present a trial size hemp fabric for free

※ Please pay 200 yen only for the shipping fee.

I participated in "Hemp Expo 2022"

We will share the Karami weave fabric of “ Hemp Mosquito Netwhich was very popular at “Hemp Expo 2022” for free.

starting with thread

hemp karami woven products

Even for products currently being handled at KIKUYA HEMP,

" Hempket " " Hempstall "

Hemp mosquito net ” “ Hemp curtain

Karami weave products such as

Customer's voice


I'm really glad I bought it! When you put it on and rest, your body relaxes, and you can see that your muscles and mind feel refreshed.

hemp stall

I sometimes get headaches from stiff shoulders, and I usually rely on medicine, but I thought, "I'll try wrapping hemp around it." It relieved my headache!

hemp mosquito net

I think I made a really good purchase. 3 year old child is happy. I use it almost all year round.

Due to chemical sensitivity, cloths treated with soap or general cloths cannot be used. In the same way, I would like to show it to those who suffer from hypersensitivity. I'm really happy to have found a mosquito net that even I can use.

100% hemp products

Please try

If you want to try what kind of material hemp is

Request a free trial hemp cloth

Only one sample per person.

Please pay only the shipping fee of 200 yen.

Click here for the product version of Hemp Cloth

【Product Details ]

Material | Warp and weft / 100% hemp
Karami weave
Size|21×29㎝ (A4 size)

The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting.

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