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Gentle mask made from natural materials

protect with the power of hemp

"Hemp" is a fiber that is particularly excellent in moisture absorption and quick drying, and has high antibacterial and deodorant effects.
Even though the inside of the mask retains just the right amount of moisture, there is no discomfort due to humidity.
The fabric itself has antibacterial properties, and the deodorizing effect prevents odors from becoming trapped.
There is a comfort that you can wear forever.

draping tailoring

We improved the feeling of use with a further fit.
Makes your face look clean.

As a fashionable item, you can use it as if you were wearing glasses.

easy to breathe

Hemp plain weave on the outside and hemp karami weave on the inside.
It has excellent breathability, less stuffiness, and is recommended for easy breathing.

【Product Details】

Material | 100% hemp
Outer material: Plain weave
Lining: Karami weave
Color|Unbleached, indigo dyeing
Size|Width 19cm
Height 13 cm at center, 7 cm at both ends

* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting.

*There will be some shrinkage after washing.
Unbleached indigo dyeing: about 4%

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