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A body towel that is gentle on the skin and lathers effortlessly

When you wash your body in the bath, you tend to use a lot of force.
However, by doing so, you may damage your skin, or remove too much sebum and dry your skin.

"Hemp 100% karami woven body towel" has a single layer finish, but it has a firm foam and a soft touch, and is gentle and comfortable to use.
The natural power of hemp, which is quick-drying, deodorizing and antibacterial, keeps you clean at all times.

We do not use any chemical substances that are harmful to the body, so it can be safely used by people with sensitive skin, small children, and the elderly.

【Product Details ]

Material | Warp and weft / 100% hemp
Karami weave

* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting.

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