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Easy setting sheets

A one-touch sheet with elastic on the top and bottom that is popular as a sheet that can be set easily.

There is no frustration caused by the "slippage" that is common with flat sheets, and the "comfort" that you feel with a completely wrapped type cover.

KIKUYA HEMP original cassette sheets can be set as easily as one-touch sheets.

What's more, all you have to do is insert the upper part straight into the cassette.

The lower part can be folded according to the length of the futon, so it can be used with a 210 cm long futon.

Reduce the stress of putting on and taking off!

Since there is no rubber, it dries quickly

One-touch sheets can be shirred in four places on the rubber part, so when washing, those parts dry a little slower.

Be a little careful when drying.

However, KIKUYA HEMP's cassette sheet does not contain any elastic, so it dries cleanly everywhere.

Reduce the stress of washing!

Hemp, a natural plant fiber that is friendly to people and the earth

"Hemp" is a plant fiber that is expected to have high antibacterial and deodorant effects, especially among hemp, with excellent moisture absorption and wicking properties.

KIKUYA HEMP original cassette sheet is 100% hemp.

With the power of nature, you can achieve "cool in summer and warm in winter".

Since no artificial ingredients are used, it can be safely used by people with allergies and babies.

Of course, stress reduction to the body!


Because it is 100% natural material, it is very kind to the earth from manufacturing to after use.

The earth will surely be stress-free!

【Product Details ]

Material | 100% hemp
Size|Single: 120×230㎝
Semi-double: 140 x 230 cm
Double: 170×230 cm

Price | Single 12,000 yen Semi-double 14,000 yen Double 18,000 yen

* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting.

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