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cool summer with hemp hat

A hat is essential for summer.
While protecting from UV rays, it is cool and looks good.
If it was hemp ◎!
I got a hat like that.

The fabric material, hemp, has a UV cut rate of 95% or more.
(From ASAFUKU's materials)
I protect an important head from ultraviolet rays well.

In addition, since hemp is a fiber with excellent moisture absorption and quick drying properties,
The inside of the hat is always refreshing without getting stuffy!

The natural generation is gentle on the eyes and gives a cool impression.
There is a craft cord around the brim, so it 's a little nice that it's easy to shape.


There is also a type without a craft code...

boater hat
pork pie hat

【Product Details ]

Material | 100% hemp
Size|Regular about 59cm
* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting.

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