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Hemp cloth square/rectangle

Hemp cloth square/rectangle

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"Hemp karami woven fabric" is used as a cloth.

The circumference is sewn around, so you can cut it as it is or make it by hand.
You can use it any way you want.

What is “Karami weave” fabric?

Instead of the traditional plain weave, this is a mosquito net fabric in which the warp threads are entwined while the weft threads are fixed.

The mesh is not hardened with glue, so you can wash it without worrying about the eyes collapsing.

【Product Details ]

Material | Warp and weft / 100% hemp
Karami weave
Size| Square S 45×45㎝ ¥2,500
Square M 90×90㎝ ¥5,000
Square L 150×150㎝ ¥9,000  
Rectangular SS (A4) 21×29cm ¥700
Rectangular S 50×75㎝ ¥3,000
Rectangle M 50×150㎝ ¥3,500
Rectangular L 150×250㎝ ¥15,000

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