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A masterpiece of Reiwa Hempket

Keeps the inside of the futon at the ideal temperature and humidity

Temperature 33℃ Humidity 50% This is the ideal climate in the futon.
Hemp hemp, which is the material of "hempket", has outstanding "thermal conductivity".
Therefore, it plays a role in keeping the inside of the futon warm by transmitting body temperature to the comforter.
Therefore, it is recommended to use it in winter even if it is thin.

With the excellent moisture absorption and wicking properties of hemp, it does not retain moisture.
It's always smooth and comfortable, so it's great for summer!

It is a "hemp blanket" that can be used comfortably all year round and can be expected to have a healing effect.

【Product Details ]

Material | 100% hemp (unbleached)
Indigo dyeing
Off-white soft processing
( Washer processing makes the blanket soft and warm)

* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting.

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