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Learning from the past, Japanese traditions that are being forgotten.

The futon fabric uses unbleached domestic hemp.

Characteristics of hemp fabric
1 Soft to the touch
2 Prevents the growth of bacteria and suppresses odors
3 Absorption and wicking to quickly absorb and dry sweat
4 The power of hemp

Inner cotton
Indian organic cotton raw cotton 100%
Indian cotton cotton that is ideal for thick and durable futon bedding. It is also organic cotton made with pesticide-free cultivation.

Organic cotton does not use environmental pollutants such as chemicals from raw material manufacturing to product processing.

The thick, durable cotton from India has excellent moisture absorption, keeping you warm and in a correct sleeping position.
If you dry it in the sun, it will be pleasantly plump. Of course, it is a material that is friendly to both you and the earth, and can be reworked.

【Product Details ]

Material | Fabric 100% hemp (unbleached)
100% organic cotton batting

Single size 100×200

batting weight
Price (excluding tax)
6 kg
46,000 yen
light type
39,000 yen

Semi-double size 120×200㎝
61,000 yen
light type
5 kg
51,000 yen

Double size 140×200㎝
69,000 yen
light type
6 kg
58,000 yen

* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting.

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