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Anmin pillow that relaxes the brain and body

To review your sleep, start with your pillow

Anmin healing pillow made of hemp.

This is an "Anmin pillow" that puts the least burden on the body , jointly developed with Dr. Katsuya Kato .

Hemp pillow birth secret story

This product is fully washable. Unlike other companies' products, it can be washed as it is. (Please use a laundry net when using a washing machine)

【Product Details ]

Material| Pillow body

100% hemp (unbleached)

unit fabric

Warp: 100% organic cotton

Weft thread: 100% hemp (karami weave)


100% spherical wool (British wool)


Accessories | Hemp 100% pillow cover
30g nops for refill
pillow guide

* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting.

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