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Indigo dye hemp bed mosquito net

Indigo dye hemp bed mosquito net

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The ultimate healing space with the power of hemp and the power of indigo dyeing

Aizome has deodorizing and antibacterial effects, and keeps insects away.

In order to enhance the original function of the mosquito net, the ancients applied plant dyes to the mosquito net.

This indigo mosquito net is genuine indigo dyed by natural fermentation that does not use any chemicals or other additives.

At the foot of Mt.Fuji, I was dyed with indigo at Mr. Shishido's studio in Fujinomiya.

【Product Details】

Material: 100% hemp for both warp and weft (karami weave)
Size | For single bed: 125 x 230 cm
For semi-double bed: 150×230 cm
For double bed: 170×230㎝
For single twin: 230 x 230 cm
One-touch type: 130×225×(H)80cm

Price | Single bed: 120,000 yen
For semi-double bed: 150,000 yen
Double bed: 180,000 yen
Single twin: 220,000 yen
One-touch type: 45,000 yen

Accessories Wooden ring with adjustable string

Washable *One-touch type is not available

How to wash the mosquito net

Gently wash with water or lukewarm water in a large area such as a bathtub. Be careful not to apply too much force to your eyes, and use a laundry detergent that does not contain bleach.

* For those who find it difficult to clean at home, we also offer cleaning services. (paid)
Please note that once washed, it will not return to its new crisp texture.

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