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hemp bed mosquito net

hemp bed mosquito net

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Features of 100% Hemp Woven Mosquito Net

  • Because hemp is highly absorbent, it also has excellent wicking properties that give a cool feeling inside the mosquito net.
  • The more you can wash it, the more durable it is and the less likely it is to slip off your eyes.
    Kikuya handles repairs and laundry.
  • The beauty of the fabric is highly evaluated as an interior decoration.
  • Since the weave is not fixed with glue, it takes about three times more effort, time, and skill to weave compared to plain weave.

Learn more about hemp mosquito nets here

【Product Details】

Material: 100% hemp for both warp and weft (karami weave)
Size|For single bed: 125×230㎝
For semi-double bed: 150×230 cm
For double bed: 170×230㎝
For single twin: 230 x 230 cm

Price | For single bed: 85,000 yen
For semi-double bed: 100,000 yen
Double bed: 120,000 yen Single twin:
140,000 yen
Accessories Wooden ring with adjustable string

​Cleaning method Washable

*This product is made-to-order. Please note that it will take time to deliver

how to wash mosquito net

Gently wash with water or lukewarm water in a large area such as a bathtub. Be careful not to apply too much force to your eyes, and use a laundry detergent that does not contain bleach.

* For those who find it difficult to clean at home, we also offer cleaning services. (paid)
Please note that once washed, it will not return to its new crisp texture.

cleaning display

how to dry a mosquito net

Do not use the dehydrator because it will apply a strong force to parts of the product by squeezing or pulling it.

Gently wrap it in a bath towel, etc., remove the moisture, gently shape it while hanging it, and let it dry naturally.
Never use a dry tumbler (dryer).

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