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Your existing futon becomes a magical futon

If you put this hemp bed pad on top of the popular plastic high resilience mats or urethane low resilience mats, you can demonstrate the function that does not impair the natural sleep rhythm.

A lot of good things about camel and hemp

Camel batting that can quickly absorb and dissipate sweat during sleep,
By wrapping it in a 100% hemp fabric that also has excellent moisture absorption and wicking properties,
Feels smooth and comfortable at all times.
In addition, camel hair, which lives in the desert where the temperature varies greatly,
It also has excellent heat retention.
Therefore, you can use it comfortably in all seasons.
This pad is full of good things about camel and hemp.

【Product Details ]

Material | Outer fabric: 100% unbleached hemp (vegetable fiber)
Lining fabric: 100% organic cotton

Stuffing | 100% camel

Size|Single: 100×205cm
Semi-double: 120×205cm
Double: 140×205cm
* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting.

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