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Experience the gentleness and goodness of hemp

A stole unique to KIKUYA HEMP, which pursues a good night's sleep and revived the hemp mosquito net.

Hemp is woven into karami weave in Iwata City, Totomi, from Normandy, France.

There are 3 types of colors: off-white, samurai blue, and real indigo dye

● Unbleached linen color as it is Unbleached and uncolored for a natural warmth

● Indigo dye We have created a beautiful, Japanese-style fabric.

Please enjoy the foundation of a sound sleep material created over time.

Moisture-absorbing and quick-drying properties of hemp keep you dry.
In addition, indigo has antibacterial and deodorizing properties, so it is perfect for preventing sunburn in the summer.

The more you wash it, the more supple it becomes, so it will become softer and more familiar with your skin.
Perfect for winter cold protection and spring and autumn pollen.

【Product Details ]

Material | Warp and weft / 100% hemp
Karami weave
Indigo (indigo dyeing)
Dark indigo (real indigo dyeing)

* The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to lighting.

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