hemp sandals

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wear hemp feel the earth

A string of 100% hemp plain weave fabric is woven into the hemp string that serves as the base.
Since everything from the cutting of the fabric is done by hand, these sandals cannot be mass-produced.

【Product Details ]

Material: 100% hemp plain weave, hemp string
Color| Use of two colors: off-white and greige
Size | M (approximately 24 cm)
L (approximately 27 cm)
*Because each item is handmade, there may be slight differences in size.
You can adjust the length of the thong part.
* We also accept repairs
If it is difficult for you to adjust the size or the length of the thong,
We accept alterations for 2,000 yen per pair.
Please write down the contents of the repair and send it to Kikuya.
I'm sorry, but please bear the shipping fee.

* Precautions for handling

・You can put it in a net and wash it in a washing machine.
・Do not use a dryer.
・Please use as indoor shoes.
・As it is slippery, please be careful.

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